Oral Eroticism
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Angel, creator of Angel’s Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio DVD, shares some quick tips:

Discover the penis passion points. “The head and the frenulum, located on the underside of the penis where the shaft and head meet, are extremely sensitive,” Angel says. “Suck hard and lick these spots to get him moaning.”

Get wet. “The wetter the better,” she counsels. “Pool saliva in your mouth or use a strong mouthwash beforehand to help stimulate spit. You can also do a hacking sound, which actually protects the throat and makes saliva thicker.”

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Take a break. “The key to a perfect blow job is to give your mouth time to relax and to keep it pleasurable for both of you,” she says. “We tend to suck, suck, suck, trying to emulate sex with constant in and out.” Switch things up with sucking, licking, stroking with your hand and kneading his perineum, the sensitive skin between the rectum and scrotum.

Make some noise. “No man wants his penis sucked quietly,” she says. “Sound effects are very important and lets him know you’re into it. When you eat something you love, you hum and rock. Feel that way with your man.” For more information, visit angelseroticsolutions.com.