How ‘Black Girls Vote’ Is Getting Young Voters to the Polls
Black Girls Vote/Facebook
Black Girls Run, Black Girls Rock, Black Girls Code, and Black Girls Vote. The voices of young Black women should be heard in every capacity, including political participation. Out in full force leading up to Maryland’s primary race on Tuesday was Black Girls Vote, an organization that aims to educate and engage more Black voters. “We wanted to help mobilize those community members,” Ebonee Nelson told Huffington Post. “We wanted to talk to them, engage with them, find out why were they so angry. [We] wanted to help translate those keywords, [that] vocabulary that they’re not familiar with. Help educate them [and] break that down into layman’s terms.” President Obama at SXSW: It’s ‘Easier to Order a Pizza Than Vote’ The non-partisan, grassroots organization, which launched in November, seeks to “uplift the Black community by educating and inspiring voting age Black women to understand the public policy decisions affecting their families and communities.” The organization will be launching Black Girls Vote University once the election ends, says Nelson. Leaders from the group will visit various universities to instruct students on the voting process. They hope to empower Black women to change policy through the electoral process. Famed Author Ta-Nehisi Coates: ‘I Will Be Voting for Bernie Sanders’ “If they don’t trust in [their] voice and they don’t trust in their vote, and they think they don’t have a voice, then what do we have for our community tomorrow?” asks Nelson. Learn more about the vision of Black Girls Vote here. WANT MORE FROM ESSENCE? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news.

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