#VloggerReel: The Glam Twinz Share Their Secrets For Internet Success
Glam Twinz
Beauty vloggers, Kelsey and Kendra Murrell have the founds blocks of Internet stardom. And, with a Youtube folowing of more than half a million and counting, and a collective Instagram following of more than 300K, it’s safe to say that the Murrell twins know a thing or two about making on the web. With a book hitting shelves in August of this year and a cult of loyal hair and beauty enthusiasts, the Glam Twins are well on their way to building a beauty empire. We sat down with the dynamic duo to get their take on what it takes to become Instafamous and get their building block to Internet success. Here are 5 tips to building your own Internet beauty empire! 1. Find a niche. “There are a ton of beauty bloggers out there now, find what makes you different and capitalize on it.” In a world where everyone gets to extend their 15 minutes of fame, it’s important to have something that sets you apart. If you’re a beauty girl that loves comedy, marry those two concepts together. If you love science and beauty, maybe your channel will focus on breaking down the ingredients in a product to help people determine what ingredients they should look for and what they should stay away from. 2. Be consistent. “People commit to brands that are consistent. Your followers should know when they can expect something from you,” advises Kelsey. If you want to build a strong brand, it starts with people knowing that you are reliable. Have a schedule, and be realistic with when you can post. If at the start you can only post one video every two weeks, use that timeline and post accordingly. You can always increase your posts as your schedule permits and as your follow count rises. 3. Be true to yourself. “If you aren’t excited about your content, no one else will be,” states Kendra. If strobing is the hot trend in makeup, but you’re more of a beauty minimalist, stay true to that. If you aren’t interested in a topic, don’t cover it. 4. Set a professional standard for yourself.  Both Murrell twins agree that, “everything you do affects your brand.” Whether you’re committing to posting on your channel 1-2 times per week, responding to reader comments or simply proof reading the words and products used in your post, treat your blog/vlog like a job and hold it—and yourself— to a high standard. 5. Place quality over everything. “Have a good camera and good lighting,” stresses Kelsey, “a lot of people over look this, but people are not attracted to grainy photos and poor quality videos.” If you’re going to take your brand seriously, then invest in the proper tools. Cell phone cameras may be fine for Instagram, but the resolution just isn’t good enough for HD Youtube videos or for taking lead images to start all of your videos. For more from the Glam Twinz Kelsey and Kendra on Instagram and keep up with them via YouTube.

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