How to Apply Summer Makeup
Tim Whitby/amfAR14/WireImage

When the weather starts to heat up, makeup can get a little tricky. Your skin is shinier, so should you wear more or less powder (or no powder at all)? Is foundation too much? Here, celebrity makeup artist Frank Guyton demystifies summer makeup once and for all.

The Basics: Guyton that because we sweat more in summer, pores look  enlarged. Reduce their appearance with a light facial exfoliator. We spend much more time outdoors so SPF is a must. Use one that’s light with a matte finish. Guyton likes Clarins UV Plus HP SPF Day Screen ($41).

Daytime: Keep coverage minimal by simply spot treating uneven areas with a light liquid or cream foundation. “Less coverage the better. Take a finger and lightly dab on makeup in the areas where you need coverage,” says Guyton. Make sure your foundation is an exact match to your skin tone.

For eyes, apply a light base on the eyelid so your shadow has something to adhere to. A primer like Trish McEvoy Eye Base ($26), brightens up the upper eye area while helping shadow stay on all day. Go a little understated on shadow colors. Guyton loves soft pastels and metallics this season.

Dust face with a transluscent powder like Black Opal Oil Blocking Loose Powder ($9). “Using a big dome shaped brush or powder brush, buff this sheer powder all over the face until you don’t see any shine. Use circular motions, as if you were waxing a car,” says Guyton.

Guyton’s final note on a daytime face: Don’t wear gloss. “Stay away from the shine. Your skin will likely have a shine to it, so gloss can be too much. Use a cream or matte lipstick instead.”

Nighttime: “When you’re out at night you still want absolutely flawless coverage, so apply foundation all over. Just use a lighter liquid formula,” says Guyton. Use a little bronzer on your cheeks to give your face dimension. And otherwise, the rules are same as day!

So there you have it, the key to summer makeup is keeping things clean, simple and understated. For a look at some of Frank Guyton’s favorite products for summer, click here.