Hot Topic: Would You Go Half On An Engagement Ring?
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Last week, New York Post reporter, Stephanie Smith, actually became the news when she revealed that she had to make 300 sandwiches before her boyfriend would propose—not because he’s a jerk, she says, but he just really likes sandwiches. (Nope, we’re not kidding!) She’s made 181 so far and she’s blogging about each one over at Of course, reactions from other women (and some rather surprised men) were mixed—how is this not sexist? what’s he doing for her?—and there’s still a strong chance that Smith strategically planned out this whole story just to get a cookbook deal in the near future, but it does beg the question: Are women more desperate than ever to get married? And, are they willing to make fools out of themselves in the process? (See: Bridezillas) But, how far is too far?

Popular wedding planning site recently shared on their Facebook page that they’re finding  “[A]n increasing number of heterosexual couples are splitting the cost of an engagement ring. Female respondents reported putting money down on their own ring to help out a less financially stable partner, paying for a ring with a joint account, or, in a few cases, agreeing to contribute in exchange for a larger rock.”

In response, The Today Show recently conducted a poll asking readers if they’d ever split the cost of their own engagement rings and a shocking 46 percent said “yes.” Critics of such a move say it takes away from the magic of a proposal, and it’s not the woman’s responsibility to help a man cover the cost of an engagement ring. However, more progressive brides-to-be believe both the cost of the ring and the wedding should be split between two lovers because marriage is a 50-50, lifetime commitment that begins there.

Would you ever pay for, or help pay for, your own engagement ring? Would it change the way you felt about the engagement/or the man asking you to marry him? Let’s discuss!

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