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Hot Topic: How Do You Respond When a Man Is Disrespectful On a Date?

Daisy Lewellyn of Blood Sweat and Heels learns a tough lesson after showing up late for a first date. What would you have done?
Hot Topic: How Do You Respond When a Man Is Disrespectful On a Date?
Hannan Saleh

Last night on the latest episode of Bravo’s new reality hit Blood, Sweat and Heels, things got a little between star Daisy Lewellyn and a potential suitor while on their first date.

After meeting through mutual friends, Daisy and the gentleman decided to get together to hang out at a local restaurant. While getting ready, Daisy revealed to a friend on the phone that she was supposed to meet her date at an event but she was running late and “almost ready,” even as she sat at home in her robe. Needless to say, she was super late for the dinner segment of the date.

After arriving almost an hour and a half late, Daisy is greeted by a handsome, well-dressed man who is clearly disgruntled and annoyed with her tardy arrival. After she apologized and chalked it up to being fashionably late she tried to move on with the evening. Only, her date could not.

He snapped at her repeatedly, calling her “self-serving.” He followed that up by explaining how she has wasted his time and that he is starving. He even informed her that just because she apologized doesn’t mean that he accepts it. Daisy offered to pay for the food, apologized again and shed a tear or two because she “has a lot on her plate,” and because, well, he was just really mean. Even as tears ran down her face, Daisy’s date’s demeanor did not change a bit. She took a bathroom break to compose herself then decided to call it a night.

Although it is never acceptable to be excessively late and/or to waste someone’s time, how much backlash would you take after you’ve apologized? And, more importantly, is it ever okay for a man to disrespect you, even especially on a first date, even if you did something wrong? How would you respond?