Hot Topic: Are Apps Like Tinder Ruining Dating?
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Before the invention of location-based mobile dating apps provided real time introductions to nearby single men, a single woman’s biggest dating complaint was that it was hard to find eligible bachelors in their area. But now, thanks to popular apps like Tinder and SoulSwipe, which let you instantly connect with other singles within a certain radius, for free, single women have a new shared gripe: All these guys just want to hook up and they’ve already dated my friends.

Many applaud Tinder for making it easy to go on multiple new dates a week, or a night if you’re willing, but what does that do to your dating pool? If everyone’s dating everyone, will there by anyone left to date that hasn’t already met up, or slept with, someone you know? More and more single women are taking to social media to rant about the adverse affects these apps are having on their dating lives.

This week a Vanity Fair article titled “Tinder and the Dawn Of The Dating Apocalypse” went viral after the author detailed the so-called “hookup culture” among 20-somethings and placed blame on apps like Tinder that enable millions of singles to use “their phones as a sort of all-day, every-day, handheld singles club, where they might find a sex partner as easily as they’d find a cheap flight to Florida.”

Outraged Tinder staffers responded with a series of tweets venting their frustrations with the article. Instead Tinder argues that it actually promotes stories of love.

Tinder users who’ve had positive experiences with the app have responded by sharing their love and relationship success stories on Twitter tagging them with #SwipedRight.

Have you found success at love using location-based apps? Or has it made dating more of a pain? Share your thoughts, horror stories or love stories below.