Melanie Fiona has always been one of our top hair crushes —what’s not to love about her silky, impeccably styled strands? To our great surprise, the songstress recently underwent a bold hair color update!

Last week, Fiona was spotted in New York City with platinum blonde highlights for a new, two-tone look. The head-turning hue is sure to stand out onstage during Fiona’s performances on The Liberation Tour with Mary J. Blige and D’Angelo. 

We loved Fiona’s dye job so much that we just had to ask her for the secrets behind her new style. What inspired you to change your hair color?
MELANIE FIONA: I was in the mood for change. Over the past year I have cut my hair with many variations of layers. Now that the layers are growing out, I wanted to do something fun in prep for my current tour. How did you decide to go with platinum blonde highlights?
FIONA: I really liked the ombré influence, but I felt like I had seen it so much. So I flipped it and went two-tone. I never thought I could go blonde but once I did it, I fell in love! It really made me feel extra girly and summer-ready. Can you tell us who created the look for you?
FIONA: I entrusted my vision to the hands of hair architect Keith Campbell. He nailed it. I was terrified at what damage the color would do to my hair, but Keith reassured it was possible to keep the hair healthy with a new program of deep conditioning. How have your fans responded to your new look?
FIONA: It’s always tough as a public figure to make changes to my appearance because then I become a public forum for opinions, suggestions and scrutiny. So far the response has been positive from my fans and the public, but I wouldn’t let that sway my liking of it. What do you love most about your highlights? Have you experimented with different styles yet?
FIONA: I personally think the color is best when I wear my hair curly. I think it really brings out the edge of the cut and it looks great when moving on stage. I’m gonna have fun discovering all the different ways I can rock it.