Hollywood Reacts to Despicable Anti-LGBT Bills

It’s disheartening that in 2016 anti-LGBT bills are being considered and even passed in some states.

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Recently, lawmakers in North Carolina passed a bill that prohibits cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances that protect gay and transgender people and bars transgender people from using public restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity, undoing an ordinance passed in Charlotte that would have allowed them to do so. The passing of the anti-LGBT bill is absolutely disgusting and Hollywood has been swift to react.

Orange Is The New Black actress Laverne Cox tweeted:

“I am so disappointed in the governor and legislature of North Carolina. Overturn #HB2. #translivesmatter”

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The actress also told fans to stay strong and mobilize against the appalling bill. The Motion Picture Association of America has expressed their opposition to the bill and the NBA is considering moving the all-star game out of Charlotte. All of this comes shortly after Hollywood actors, directors, and producers vowed never to work in Georgia if a similar law was passed. 

Last week, the Georgia legislature passed a “religious freedom” law that would allow pastors to refuse to perform same-sex marriages and allow businesses the right to refuse service to those whose lifestyles are in conflict with their beliefs. If the governor signs the bill a list of Hollywood heavyweights including Lee Daniels, Zoe Kravitz, Harvey Weinstein, and Ryan Murphy, to name a few, plan to take their work elsewhere. 

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In a time when equality shouldn’t be something we’re still fighting to achieve, it’s truly heartbreaking and upsetting that there are those who continue to do everything in their power to keep us moving backwards.