Holiday Proposal DOs and DONT’s For The Guys
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If you have a hunch your man’s planning to pop the question over the holidays, make sure he reads this right now. If he follows this handy guide to holiday proposals, he can’t go wrong!

DON’T Tease Her With A Possible Proposal
When a woman is putting pressure on her guy to put a ring on it, some men will often “yes” a woman to death—or hint that “something big” is coming—just to get off the hook during an argument. Remember, teasing her with a possible proposal if you’re not really going to do it is not okay. Nothing will be more devastating for your woman than to find out she’s been talking and dreaming about something that did not actually happen. It’s a surefire way to immediately ruin her holiday—and possibly the relationship in the long run—and you don’t want to do that. Be honest with her about how you really feel about getting married. If you want to wait due to an issue (budget is tight, timing not right, etc.) then let her know so she won’t be disappointed.
DO Spend What You Can Afford (No Matter What She Says)
Nothing puts a damper on the New Year quite like being dead broke. (They don’t call it “Januworry” for nothing. Diamond rings can costs thousands and thousands of dollars, so they should never be an impulse purchase. You have to budget, save and be prepared to spend an amount you can live with – experts recommend no more than three months salary. The worst way to start off a marriage is in debt. Remember, after the proposal you still have a wedding and a honeymoon to pay for. She may not thank you now, but she’ll thank you late when you’re both debt free!
DON’T Wing It
Asking her to spend her life with you is a big deal so you don’t want it to look like an afterthought or a casual question. Whether you’re planning a grand public display or an intimate at-home proposal, you still have to plan ahead so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to do. Think about your words and the total setting. Will it be romantic or comfortable? Will she have her hair or nails done? Also think about the timing—don’t do it too late in the evening because she’s going to want to immediately call her friends and family to share the news. Worried you can’t pull off the perfect surprise? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Is there a friend or family member who can work with you to make the proposal a little more unique or special? (Her girls usually know her best.)
DO Listen To Her
Women will drop all sorts of hints about how and when they want to get engaged and what kind of engagement ring they hope to wear one day. Pay attention, take notes and show her that you care about making her happy because you listen to what she wants. For some insight into her dream proposal or style, sometimes you can find lots of hidden clues on her Pinterest boards.
DON’T Forget (Or Lose!) The Ring
The Proposal can be beautiful…and nerve-wracking! So be very careful about where and how you hide the ring, and make sure that when the big moment comes you don’t leave it sitting at home in that hiding place. Nothing is worse than the restaurant manager coming out with the big fireworks champagne and you’re reaching in your pocket to find out that the ring box isn’t there.
DO Allow Her To Feel Her Sexiest For the Big Moment
Women love to brag about their proposals to their girlfriends, so make sure you make the moment something that she’ll talk about even years after the wedding. It doesn’t have to be a big, grand public proposal to be memorable. Just be sure she feels her sexiest in the moment. Try to time the proposal accordingly, so she’ll have her hair/nails done or at least in a style that she’s comfortable with for the pictures. (Especially the nails, because she’s going to want to Instagram a shot of her ring right away.) No woman will turn down a free mani/pedi from her baby, so if you send her to the shop that morning, you’re definitely covered.
DO Ask Dad (or Mom!) First
Call it old school, but even today so many brides gush about how sweet it was that their groom went out of his way to give her father (or parent) a heads up. You don’t have to necessarily ask for “permission,” but if her father’s around, giving him a heads up and asking for his blessing can never be the wrong thing to do.