Hillary Clinton Says She Wants to “Ban the Box”
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Hillary Clinton says if elected into office, she would take executive action to ban the box.

“Banning the box” refers to the checkbox marked on job applications that asks the question, “Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony”?

Clinton’s stance against “the box” would prevent employers from inquiring about criminal history at the early stages of the hiring process and require that agencies that complete background checks do so only later in the process.

NYC Has ‘Banned the Box’ on Job Application Forms

Eighteen other states, including California, Georgia and New York have also banned the box according to TIME.

Earlier this year, the Fair Chance Act was passed to prohibit employers from asking about criminal history and, in turn, offer a better chance for people with a criminal past to find employment.

An aide to the Democratic frontrunner says to expect more from the candidate who is rolling out a comprehensive criminal justice reform plan to address policing tactics and mass incarceration.