Hillary Clinton To Launch Podcast In Late Spring
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

A new podcast is coming to town in the late spring, featuring none another than former Secretary of State (and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee) Hillary Clinton.

According to Politico, Clinton’s podcast still doesn’t have a name, but it already has some big hitters behind it. The show will be co-produced by iHeartMedia.

Politico writes that Clinton was inspired to launch her own show after appearing on some podcasts herself, enjoying the more relaxed environment and the longer format, so different from segments on TV and radio.

She was also influenced in her show by the ones she likes, according to the report, including Howard Stern’s show (which she appeared on last year).

Her show is expected to feature her conversing with high-profile guests, including politicians and celebrities.

She also reportedly hopes to share good news about issues that are being resolved, than the usual doomsday conversation du jour.

The timing of the podcast, however, has some eyebrows raised as to what commentary she could provide about the upcoming election, including the Democratic primaries, as Politico notes, and how that could influence the Democratic nomination.