Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Are Victorious in Super Tuesday Polls
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It was a triumphant Super Tuesday for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump after the Democratic and Republican frontrunners each won in seven of the 11 primaries.

Polls show that Clinton nudged out Bernie Sanders in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts and, most drastically in Arkansas, where she received 88 percent of the Black vote. 

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Yesterday’s victory gave her a total of 544 delegate pledges, though that number rises to 1,001 when you include superdelegates—DNC delegates who are free to pledge their support to any candidate. Compared to Sanders’ 371 pledges, which includes superdelegates, Clinton is quickly closing in on the 2,382 delegates needed to snag the Democratic nomination.

Trump, who won Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia, dominated the Republican field, while Ted Cruz took Alaska, Oklahoma and Texas and Marco Rubio won Minnesota. Though Trump, who has the support of 319 delegates, is still far away from the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination, he leads the other Republican nominees by a large margin. Cruz is trailing in second place with 226.

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Earlier today, Dr. Ben Carson announced that he wouldn’t be attending tomorrow’s GOP debate, though he stopped short of saying that he would be suspending his campaign. On Saturday, Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Maine and Nebraska will be holding their primaries.