You strut down the city streets and office hallways with ease and grace in your prized pair of high-heeled pumps, but have you ever wondered why as soon as you get home and kick off those heels… you feel aches and pains that make the thought of standing any longer unbearable? Once again, science has discovered the answer… Researchers from England’s Manchester Metropolitan University say the reason some women are able to wear sky-high stilettos all day, yet feel pain when they take them off, is that high heels shorten the fibers in our calf muscles, making our Achilles tendon shorter and thicker. Women in high-heels don’t feel the effects while walking because their feet are elevated, researchers said. It’s only when we switch back to flats that the muscles feel overstretched and in pain, but there is a solution. Supposedly, if you stand on your tip toes and lower your heels up and down again for about 20 times a day it will stretch out the tendons, making it easier to walk without heels. This truly is a case of “No pain, No gain.”

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