As if this is becoming a routine weekly occurrence, another adult within the education system scolds a student for her natural hair. Principal Michael Szpyhulsky of Assumption Catholic School in Perth Amboy NJ, has made a grave mistake and had to apologize as a result. While getting students ready for Morning Prayer, Principle Szpyhulsky told the 10-year-old to “tuck in her hair” and as a result she ran to the bathroom in tears and has since been teased by other students about her natural curls.

When the mother, Damaris Isales, went to the school to discuss what happened and about the teasing that followed, the meeting did not go well. “He said, ‘Her hair was all over the place—it was in her eyes. And there’s no afros allowed. That’s a policy; that’s why we have uniforms.’ And I told him again and again, ‘This is her natural hair. There is nothing I can do about it,'” she said.

After Isales reached out to the diocese, the media and a local radio station, the principal apologized. However, he thinks he’s in the clear. According to the Assumption Catholic School’s website, they have strict rules for hair including, “Extreme hair styles such as spikes, mohawks, shaved heads/scalp designs, gel hairdos, long or straggly hair (i.e. covering the eyebrows), coloring or highlighting, excessive hair ornaments, extensions, hairpieces, or male facial hair, are never permitted.”

Nevertheless, her mother states, “This is her natural hair. She is not trying to be fashionable. She just has curly, puffy hair. Trust me, it already takes me long enough to do her hair every day. If I were to do something like straighten it, that would take two hours.”

What do you think? Is this fair to tell a child to “tuck in her hair?” Let us know below!