Heavy D’s Daughter to Inherit Estate
Getty Images

Heavy D, also known as Dwight Errington Myers, passed away in 2011 and since then his estate appears to have been in limbo.

According to TMZ, Heavy’s brother Floyd, filed legal documents to gain control over his entire estate. Eulahlee Myers, Heavy’s mom, says the family supports Floyd’s decision to seek control over the estate.

“Heavy’s Estate needs to be managed,” Myers said to TMZ. “It cannot be self-managed or self-administered and it has to be court approved. Open bills, unfinished business, taxes and day-to-day decisions including future plans for his daughter all need to be done. This management needs someone who is capable, smart, honest and close to this family.”

Myers followed up that Heavy’s 13-year-old daughter, Xea, will inherit the estate when she’s of age. “All of Heavy’s assets are going to [her] including his Social Security, Pension, and future royalties. All of Heavy’s personal belongings are in storage for his daughter until she gets a bit older. The Myers family is a close-knit family and always will be. Just the way Heavy liked it.”

The “Mr. Big Stuff” rapper suddenly passed way on November 8, 2011 from a blood clot in his lung. The coroner’s report indicated he also died of heart disease and a deep leg vein thrombosis. According to the coroner, the blood clot most likely developed during a long plane ride.