Do you know where to draw the line? Too often there is a constant struggle with balancing having fun, enjoying life and having funds, saving for cars, necessities or anything that requires you to budget. Is it possible to have fun, go out and save as well? Here are four tips to go by to help you see how you can have fun and have funds, live a money-saving lifestyle and don’t feel restricted to living a boring life.

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Shop During Sales

I get it! If you leave the shoes there or the shirt there you think it won’t be there tomorrow, or the next week. But, in reality, do you really need those shoes, or that outfit? A lot of times we don’t, but we make ourselves believe that we do. If it isn’t worth the splurge, don’t purge your pockets! How can you have fun and shop, but still save? Sales. Shop the sales, you will be surprised what you find and you’ll feel a lot better about it when you walk out the store. Don’t sleep on the sales racks, a lot of your future outfits could be hiding in those racks. If you’re too focused on looking at full-priced clothing that you know you don’t need!

Budget When You Go Out

Girls’ brunch in the city or movie night with “bae?” Don’t try to show off and order the most expensive entrée on the menu or order 5 mimosas if you know that you are trying to save. Go out, order a nice appetizer and whatever else you’d like, but in reality everyone at the table has responsibilities, bills, etc. so if you order the cheapest drink or meal, no one will be looking at you sideways.

Going free is the key

There are plenty of free events that go on all over. A simple Google search offers plenty of free events in your area. Free events can be just as fun as events that cost money. Museums, performances, festivals, parties and more! The choices are there, it’s up to you to go out and enjoy them. Don’t sulk in your feelings of not having money, or trying to save. Go out to something free, take some pictures and enjoy your time while having extra money in your pockets.

Separate your money

Having separated accounts helps saving a lot. Have an account that will be for fun activities: brunching, clubbing, shopping, ice skating, etc. Then, have an account that is strictly for saving and necessities. It’s easier to understand your money when you physically see the numbers split up and you know what is going to be used for what.

With these four tips, it is possible to save money for purchasing whatever it is you want whether it’s an expensive bag, a car or a house down payment. Whatever it is, don’t limit yourself to having fun because you’re so focused on having money to save. Remember that budgeting is real and budgeting will help, but sometimes it is okay to step down from the fun if you truly don’t have the funds at the time. Clearly, there’s a thin line between having fun and having funds, but it is possible for the two to co-exist in your life.

Asia Milia Ware (@missasiamilia) is a junior, Strategic Communications major at Hampton University. She is a journalist that is a fashion and fitness guru.