For Harriet’s Kimberly Foster Explains How You Can Make Sure Your Voice is Heard in 2016

Kimberly Foster wants to make sure that as a Black woman, your voice is heard.

The 26-year-old Oklahoma City native discovered her passion for Black feminism while in undergrad at Harvard University. Her curiosity—and desire to bring Black women’s voices to the forefront of the conversation—prompted the birth of For Harriet, a website dedicated to highlighting Black women and all of their magic.

In a world where Black women’s opinions are often overlooked, Foster has made sure that her voice is heard loud and clear.

“I think every Black woman from birth understands that no matter what you do or what you say, people are going to view you as an angry Black woman,” Foster said. “That can influence the way that you interact with other people in any situation.”

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So what’s the secret to overcoming that? Foster has found that it’s imperative that you shed any fears or inhibitions that you may have when it comes to speaking your mind.

“If we are talking about misogyny, if we are talking about racism, I’m probably going to be angry about that. And that’s okay,” Foster said. “It’s not my responsibility as a Black woman to tiptoe around your feelings or to walk on eggshells because you might be threatened by the way that I might come across.”


In a world where race-related issues are at the forefront of everyday conversations, Foster encourages Black women to not shy away from these topics, but rather confront them head on and speak out. The reason?

“Black women keep the Black community together,” she said. “We have to recognize that as Black women, we deserve to be heard. That our issues are not secondary. That Black community does not just mean Black women…That we all have an equal stake in this, therefore we all deserve to be heard on an equal playing field.”