Man Jumps Eight Stories To His Death After Fatally Stabbing His Wife
Tricia Shay Photography

 A man in Harlem stabbed his wife in their apartment Sunday evening, before jumping eight stories to his own death.

Francisco Ferreira’s body was found outside his building, the New York Daily News reports. Police later found his wife, Bernada, with severe stabbing wounds in their apartment. She was rushed to Harlem Hospital but died from her injuries.

The murder-suicide followed a tumultuous relationship between the couple, with Bernada, 53, trying to leave her husband, according to sources. 

“They were arguing and then there was one loud scream from the woman. Then I heard what was the man’s body hit the ground,” she said. “It was a loud boom. I looked out the window and I knew he was dead.“

Other neighbors say the couple appeared happy: “When you’d see them together they were always smiling. They always said hi,” a neighbor said. “We’re shocked right now, just shocked. We would have never suspected something like this.”

They are survived by four daughters.

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