It’s a birthday triple play this afternoon! is wishing Tyrese, Laila Ali, and LeBron James a very happy birthday!

Sexy singer Tyrese celebrates 33 years as a successful singer, actor, and author. The star has brought us action-packed movies such as “Transformers,” “Fast and the Furious,” and his classic film, “Baby Boy.” Now this year, he showed us just how multi-faceted he is after releasing his New York Times best-selling book, “How to Get Out of Your Own Way.”

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Laila Ali and Lebron James have both reached mega-stardom in their respective arenas. As Ali turns 34 years old, she brings in her new year with a brand new baby girl, Sydney J. Conway. The former boxer has also gotten released a hair and skin care line, as well as gotten involved with the American Kidney Fund for the “Pair Up” campaign, promoting awareness about kidney disease.

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While Ali is ringing in her birthday with her daughter, LeBron James will be celebrating his 26 years today with his teammates. After coming through the NBA lockout with his new team, the Miami Heat, the all-star has plans to celebrate his birthday and the New Year with a small birthday bash, reports the New York Post.

Sounds like they’re all going to be having a blast. Happy Birthday!


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