It’s every mother’s nightmare come true. You’re shopping in a department store. You turn around and your child is gone. Your heart jumps out of your chest, you drip with sweat. You scream your kid’s name at an octave you didn’t even know existed. “Every mom can relate,” Halle Berry said on a recent taping of “Ellen.” “When you lose your kid in the department store, and you talk about sweating.” Berry recently had a “stars-are-just-like-us” moment when she misplaced daughter Nahla Aubry during a shopping trip. “She was standing there and I had her hand. I swear I did,” Berry explained. “And all of a sudden, I looked down at a price tag or something and she toddled off for what seemed like two seconds and then the next thing I know, I looked back around and it was like, whoosh! Gone. And I said, ‘Nahla? Nahla? Nahla?!’ Gone. And my heart just started… and I’m like, ‘Close the store! Shut the doors! My daughter’s gone!'” So where was her curious little two-year-old? “She was right next to me in a rounder of clothes where the pants were hanging,” Berry laughed. “And after I became a lunatic and totally embarrassed myself, she stuck her head out and she said, ‘Hi.'” Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?