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Halle Berry’s custody battle with Gabrielle Aubry over their two-year-old Nahla is getting uglier as new reports are released, with each parent claiming that the other is unfit and prone to fits of jealous rage and moments of negligence.

According to TMZ, Berry Claims Aubry has put Nahla in danger by being careless when the child was in his care. TMZ also reported that this custody battle has been a long time coming, as Aubry feels that Halle’s busy film schedule prevents him from being a father when she is often out of town. Gabriel claims that when he did accompany the mother/daughter pair to London and South Africa in August 2010, while Halle was shooting ‘Dark Tide,’ there were times when Halle would not return for days. Gabriel filed for paternity last month, in what was assumed to be a simple precaution, but what has instead become the beginning of the current conflict.

According to People.com, people close to Berry and Aubry paint two very different pictures of the former model. Aubry’s former business partner Stephane Bibeau says he became “verbally threatening” to Halle Berry and that “he is a vindictive guy.” Meanwhile Aubry’s rep said, in a statement, “The fact is that Gabriel is a caring father who shares custody of Nahla.”

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