Grandmother and retired Catholic school principal, Sue Taylor tells Jezebel why her mission is to connect the elderly with marijuana.

Taylor lives in Berkeley, California, is in her late sixties and runs three miles everyday. She attributes her impeccable health to the use of weed.

Taylor is one of only two people certified through the States of California to educate senior living facility staff and caregivers about medical marijuana, Jezebel reports. But Taylor hadn’t always been a supporter of the cannabis plant.

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It was firstly her son who introduced her to the medical effects of marijuana and through education and experience that Taylor witnessed its purposeful potential.

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The interview details how most pharmaceuticals are often designed to quiet symptoms rather than treat or promote healing. According to Jezebel, cannabis has been proven to aid the body in healing itself because of the endocannabinoid system.

“I am approaching 69 and I am happier now than I’ve ever been,” shares Taylor. “You don’t find many women this age saying that. This is the time of my life. I’m having the time of my life because I’m doing passionate work. I’m helping a demographic that most people have forgotten about.”

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In her interview, Taylor addresses how white men are profiting hugely from the growing pot industry while women and people of color remain marginalized.

Well Taylor is here to change that! Read her full feature here.

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