An 84-year-old Florida woman has stopped receiving her much-needed monthly social security because the government claims she owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars for her college education. But Mamie Walker says she never even attended college. In fact, she can barely read and write. For the past two months, the government has not sent her her monthly $1,498 check. Instead, they have sent a letter claiming that “collection action” has been taken against her because she owed the Treasury Department $224,414.50. Now she has been told that she won’t be receiving another check until Sept. 2031.
“I’ll probably be dead by then,” Walker told News Channel 8. “I’m so scared. I don’t sleep at night because I’m so scared next week … my lights are going to be off.” Her son Morrison Walker has tried to notify the Treasury Department of the error, but has struggled to connect with anyone in the government who can help him. “I work and I try my best to help her with her bills, but now this done happened and I have my own bills, and she don’t have no income and now they’re trying to put eviction on her house, her water bill skyrocketed, her lights are going to get cut off,” Walker said.