The way that people have been able to make record careers from being on TikTok, it comes as no surprise that Tessica Brown is looking to ride the wave.

Also known as “Gorilla Glue Girl,” the Nicki Minaj-referenced viral star wants to reclaim her narrative by releasing her own song, “Ma Hair,” which will include snippets from her world-famous TikTok video.

According to the New York Post, Brown wrote the song and marks her first time venturing into music.

Her manager, Gina Rodriguez, noted that Brown recorded her vocals in Hollywood and worked with indie music producer/engineer Phil Valley, who is also a songwriter for The Made series.

Brown and her horrible ordeal involving using Gorilla Glue as a gel for her hair, led to the moment being posted on TikTok. Her name and snippets from her video were later used by artists to create their own remixes, albeit unauthorized, and led to Brown issuing a few notable cease and desist orders.

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Upon successfully removing the gel from her hair, Brown has since launched a haircare line.

Rappers like Nicki Minaj have referenced Brown, as such she did in the song, “Fractions.” Brown’s team contacted Minaj to see if the controversial hip-hop star would be interested in collaborating with her on the single.

Despite everything that has gone on since hitting ultra-virality on TikTok, Brown is excited for her song to be in the rap game and expand the story past her sticky situation.

“Ma Hair” is now available on streaming platforms (Note: if posted for Friday, be sure to include).