Google to Provide $2.35 Million in Funds for Black Lives Matter Activism
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Google is extending a helping hand to fund the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The company announced that its charitable component,, is donating $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations that specialize in improving the circumstances of racial injustices that have swept the nation.

Targeting San Francisco Bay Area community organizations, those that have a focus on systemic racism in America’s criminal justice and prison and educational systems will receive various amounts of funding, reports USA Today.

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Justin Steele, a leader in’s efforts, said that this is just the beginning of the companies attempt to assist in the advancement of the movement’s message within the Bay Area communities. 

“We hope to build on this work and contribute to this movement for racial justice,” Steele said in an interview with the paper. 

Some of the organizations include the Oakland Unified School District which is expected to receive $750,000 in funds to assist in improving graduation rates within the city. The Ella Baker Center hopes to develop a police violence reporting app and help low-earning workers and the formerly incarcerated earn more in the restaurant industry with the help of two $500,000 grants from the company.