Google Honors Josephine Baker’s 111th Birthday With Doodle 
Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images

Google has a special doodle on their homepage today that honors the 111th birthday of the iconic Josephine Baker.

“With her kohl-rimmed eyes and exotic costumes, Josephine Baker pounced onto the global stage in the 1920s, becoming a Jazz Age icon and one of the first internationally recognized African-American entertainers,” Google writes of the icon, also recognizing she was a significant voice in the Civil Rights era as well. 

It is not clear who illustrated the colorful seven-slide doodle, which showcases Baker at different highlights of her life. From her traumatic youth in St. Louis and early fame in the “Shuffle Along” musical to her artistic breakthroughs in Paris and civil rights icon, the doodle beautifully showcases a life well-lived and remembered. 

“There’s little doubt why Ernest Hemingway once called her ‘the most sensational woman anybody ever saw—or ever will,’” according to Google.

Happy 111th birthday, Ms. Baker!