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'Go There' Wednesdays: Green Eyeshadow

It's the dawn of a new decade, the perfect time to experiment with your beauty look--why not start with green eyeshadow, a'la Jada Pinkett Smith?


It’s so easy to get stuck in a beauty rut. You know, wearing the same lipgloss/mascara/blush combo every single day, for years at a stretch (we are not immune–an unnamed ESSENCE.com staffer actively wears a lipstick she’s owned since ’99).

It’s the dawn of a new decade–what better time to sass up your beauty routine? Ladies, get ready to shake things up with “Go There Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday of the new year, we’re going to empower you to try a beauty trend you might not have ever considered.

Our inaugural trend is green eyeshadow, a’la Jada Pinkett Smith. How pretty does this shimmery, mossy shade look against her brown skin? We know that most women feel most comfortable in neutral eyeshadow shades (if they rock shadow at all), but a sheer wash of green from your lashes to the crease instantly makes dark brown eyes pop. Yves Saint Laurent Water-Resistant Cream Eyeshadow in Golden Fern ($28.50)is a beautiful grass-green shot through with a hint of sexy shimmer. Go there!