When it comes to brow grooming, our natural impulse is to pluck and tweeze the hairs within an inch of their lives (no one likes a unibrow). But one look at Solange Knowles’ full, strong 1980’s-style brows made us change our mind! The singer/actress/DJ’s lush, perfectly groomed arches are a sexy, modern alternative to the super-skinny ones made popular in the last decade… The best part? The ’80s brow is so much easier to maintain! To do: brush brows upward, tweeze any errant hairs under the arch or between brows, then use a pencil like Almay Brunette Brow-Defining Pencil ($7.50, to fill in holes or sparse areas with short, feather-light strokes. If you have particularly unruly or curly brows, keep them in place by sweeping on a clear gel like Anastasia Clear Brow Gel ($21,