If you’re anything like us, months of cold, dry weather and indoor heating have left your hair looking dull, dehydrated and generally blah. But with Spring approaching–the season of renewal and rebirth–it’s time to trade in your dull ‘do for a shiny, magnificent mane (check out glossy-haired model BFFs Joan Smalls and Damaris Lewis for inspiration). We caught up with Bo Bogard, owner of Washington DC’s wildly cool Bo 26 Hair Studio, who gave us tips on how to treat your tresses to a glossy, gleaming, sexy Spring makeover. GOT MOISTURE? “Coming out of winter, your hair can be extremely dry,” says Bogard, who suggests springing for an in-salon deep moisturizing treatment. “I’m a huge fan of Mizani H20 Intense Treatment ($12.99)…the molecules are very small, so instead of just sitting on top of the hair, weighing it down, the treatment easily penetrate the hair shaft for maximum moisture.” DIY SPA TREATMENT If you’re watching your wallet–and who isn’t?–Bogard suggests skipping the salon and applying an at-home olive oil moisturizing treatment. “Massage half a cup of olive oil throughout hair, from roots to ends,” he says. “Either sit under the dryer or just hang out for ten to thirty minutes. Rinse out, and then proceed with your shampoo and conditioner. Olive oil is chock full of nourishing vitamin E, so it leaves your hair looking so healthy and shiny!” EMBRACE YOUR TEXTURE A certified shine-killer is over-processed, heat-damaged hair, so Bogard recommends embracing your natural texture. “As the weather heats up, women want to go to the beach, or hang out outside, and dealing with blowdrying can be such a losing battle,” he says. “The trick to keeping natural hair looking glossy is eliminating frizz. Use products that help shape the curl and keep it from expanding or shrinking.” Try DevaCurl Angell ($7.99), a lightweight moisturizing gel that defines curls in even the most repressively humid weather. COLOR THERAPY Add a pop of shine to dull, matte strands with a semi-permanent color. “It just makes hair look so much more vibrant,” raves Bogard. “And semi-permanent color doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft, so it’s not damaging at all. Ask your stylist for a tone-on-tone hue or a shade slightly richer than your natural one. Your hair will be glossier than ever!” COOL WATER Searingly hot showers can be fabulous after a stressful day, but according to Bogard, it’s not the best thing for dry hair. “Feel free to shampoo with warm to moderately hot water, but use tepid or cool water to rinse out the conditioner,” he says. “Cool water seals the cuticle. Frizziness happens when the cuticle remains open, allowing humidity to penetrate the hair shaft. But if you seal the cuticle, you’re protecting your hair from the environment and repelling moisture. Try it!” Read More: