Glitter is Having a Moment, Are You Down?

Beauty trends often go to extremes, but they generally have their 15 minutes of fame before quickly being replaced by the next Instagram trend that catches our eye. Glitter, however is proving to be a strong contender on the beauty trend front. A few weeks ago we learned about the “sprinkle beard” trend that led lumbersexuals the world over to dazzle their beards with some holiday cheer.

Now, women are catching on and eager to join the glitterati force. And, because beards have yet to become a popular feminine trend, women are opting to glitterze their underarms. The trend has been popular amongst feminists who have presumably grown bored of the less-than-thrilling hair that’s begun to flourish under their arms following the #NoShaveNoShade campaign from this past summer.  If #glitterpits your thing, perhaps glitter roots are more becoming of your swag, although, we can’t guarantee that the trend will require any less work to maintain; you can add an additional hour to wash day to ensure that your strands are glitter-free.

If the sprinkle trend maintains, who knows what we’ll be adding a little sparkle to next. We’ll leave that up to you!

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