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Girl's Best Friend: Is It Time to Rejuvenate Your Spirit?

The world can wait. Ladies, it's time to refuel your engines.
Immediately following the Fourth of July, I was broke down. I was so tired that I could barely see straight. The pace of a dynamic life can get to you, and it has a direct affect on your spirit. Even I, the eternal optimist, was in a bad mood. My body was also physically reacting to my exhaustion via a cold sore and a cough. Thankfully, I’d scheduled some time in my hometown of Chicago. If you know the feeling, it is probably time for some spirit rejuvenation.

On normal days, I’m able to go to gratitude and create a great day. I truly believe we have all of the power to make every day a jubilant one if we focus on what is good in our lives and not the opposite. A focus on our abundance and not our lack helps keep things in perspective.

The phrase, “mind, body and spirit” is nothing, but the truth. It’s the trinity of our beings and when any of those three things is out of sync the other two are affected. We all lead ridiculously busy lives with the pressures pulling on our energy at a non-stop pace. Particularly women who have to juggle, motherhood, career, wife and friendships; there are so many demands for your time and attention.

Yesterday, I heard a statement on PBS’ “Frontline” that, “We are wired to put other people’s needs before ours.” I’ve said this before, but that is backward thinking. You certainly can’t be one hundred percent for someone else without first being one hundred percent for yourself. So while you’re running around exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed; you are not only doing yourself a disservice you are not giving your all to the people that count on you.

For this reason, I think that every woman (and man) should take a moment to recharge at least every 3 months. I say every three months because it goes with the natural flow of time. And, by recharge, I don’t just mean a trip to manicurist or one massage. A healthy recharge is across several days of relaxation, meditation and some self-pampering. Paying attention to yourself in a way you don’t often get to do.

So many women, who have multiple responsibilities, can’t imagine finding the time for this type of exercise. However, if you look at it as a spiritual necessity and not a luxury, you can make time. Find ways to put those responsibilities on pause or at least greatly reduce them. Send the kids to your mom’s house for 3 days. Tell your husband you’re checking into a hotel for two days and not to call you. Take consecutive days off from work. And, during those days focus on no one else, but you.

For me, it means coming home to Chicago where my retired mother is happy to wait on me and take care of all of the things I usually handle. I don’t make a schedule. I take baths (when was the last time you took a long bath) and I don’t answer the phone or respond to anyone who stresses me out. It’s much more therapeutic than a vacation because I literally have no obligations except to get up, eat and sleep. Everything else is gravy. It does the trick every time and after, I am ready to keep moving into my destiny with a rejuvenated spirit.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, over worked, exhausted and spiritually spent it is probably time for you to take an extended break from the world. Trust me, the world will be fine without you for a couple of days. You owe it to yourself to rejuvenate your spirit.

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