Girlfriends are great to take along for shopping trips, a night out on the town, and long, tropical vacations. But if you’re looking to find love, it turns out that your BFF may be the best person to bring on board as a dating buddy according to new research by Ken Page, author of Psychology Today’s “Finding Love” blog.

A dating buddy is your personal trainer when it comes to finding a mate. She’s a coach who guides you along in your quest to find a strong and healthy relationship. We already go to our girlfriends for advice on dating and sex, so it makes perfect sense to recruit your closest gal pal as a dating buddy.

The most important role of your dating buddy is to help you be honest about your dating habits, especially those that may be preventing you from finding true love. Our closest friends have a way of seeing things in ourselves that we oftentimes miss, and this outside perspective can help you nip unhealthy dating patterns in the bud.

Perhaps the best part of having a dating buddy is hearing her advice and wisdom. Research shows that therapy clients who ask for — and listen to — the advice of loving friends have more successful lives. So while dating can be frustrating at times, having the listening ear and clear perspective of our dating buddy will definitely make dating more fun.

If you feel that your dating life isn’t progressing in the way you wish it would, try a dating buddy. In the presence of this relationship, you’ll begin to see the improvements in your dating patterns and will be one step closer to finding true love.

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