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Girlfriends: 6 Signs Your Friend Can't Be Trusted

Friendship is nothing without trust. Is your inner-circle shady? Find out now.

Back in kindergarten, when you referred to your “friends” you were talking about your entire school class. By high school, your friendship circles were made up of people you could talk to about anything and who you spent all your time around. During the college years, you learned the difference between an acquaintance and a true friend — likely the hard way. Now, fast forward to your post-graduation years: The career, children, and husbands eventually come along, and you can start to count the number of close friends you have on one hand. It’s life; it happens.

Great friendships are hard to find, and now more than ever, the individual time you have to spend cultivating them is precious. You never want to wake up and realize you’re wasting time (or energy!) on a fake friend — you know, the one who doesn’t really have your back when it counts. A healthy friendship must be 50/50 partnership, and the foundation must be built with trust. But, can you really trust those you call friends? The answer could be “no” if any of the following scenarios sound all too familiar. Read on to find out if your inner-circle is a bit shady.