We’re in the middle of summer, but it’s still not too late to whip your body into shape.

For advice on what you can do now to get your best beach body yet, we caught up with celebrity trainer Robert Brace, the man behind Free of BET’s transformed body and creator of the famed ‘Six Pack Abs’ Program in New York City.

Brace shared his tips on how to get into maximum shape in minimum time.

“Interval training (defined as short bursts of high intensity activity followed by short bursts of rest) ,”  says Brace, “is one of the fastest ways to burn body fat and it takes a fraction of the time that cardio workouts do.”

“The main thing is being consistent and remembering its not too late to get great results, so long as you are consistent and work hard,” advises Brace.  “Of course cut the carbs, fats and sugars and eat lots of asparagus and watermelon. They are natural dieretics that will help your body look llean tight by the time you hit the beach.”

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