Georgia High School Teacher Who Verbally Attacked Black Female Student Resigns

A Georgia high school teacher has turned in his resignation only days after audio of him harshly insulting a Black female student went viral.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Cory Hunter formally resigned earlier this week, four months after he told 16-year-old Shaniaya Hunter (unrelated) that she was “the dumbest girl I have ever met” in his 37 years of teaching.

Georgia Teacher Under Fire For Calling Black Female Student ‘Dumb,’ Saying Her Purpose Was to Have Children

Shaniaya, who suffers from a vision disorder and is forced to occasionally miss class, was trying to catch up before a test when she asked her teacher who Sojourner Truth was. It was then that Cory went on a verbal rant, which was captured on Shaniaya’s school-issued iPad.

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“…You know what your purpose is going to be?” Cory is heard saying. “To have sex and have children because you ain’t never going to be smart.”

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Shaniaya’s family has hired a lawyer and has been calling for either the school to fire Cory, or for the teacher to step down.

“It is a shame that it took a lawyer to be involved,” family lawyer Ben Windham told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. “It is a shame that it took this long. I am just glad for Shaniaya Hunter. She can go to school and hopefully move on.”