George Zimmerman has been found not guilty for the killing of Black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida tonight. As the world reacts to the verdict, moms in the Black community express extreme anger and fear for their sons. We asked them to share their reactions in the moments after the verdict with us on Twitter in an effort to keep the conversation on racism and violence in America going. Here are some of their immediate reactions to the news.

@essencemag #zimmermanverdict my heart hurts. Im raising a black male and i cant imagine what id do if something like this happened to him. – MsMo_ThatIs

@essencemag I refuse 2 raise my children in or with fear. I will empower my son/daughter& fortify him with Christ. #disgusted #Rosewood2013 – AaidaRae

@essencemag unbelievably sad 🙁 The hardest thing in the world is to be a mother to a black boy – no rest for the weary! #verdict – mssdarling

@essencemag W/heavy heart & tears down my face, I worry 4 my son-for ALL our sons, who society deems as expendable-over Skittles & iced tea – BoyzGirl01

@essencemag THANKFUL I have a daughter! Racism still exist, but not the same a being a black male. – TXPearl

@essencemag Heart broken.. I see my son in Trayvon Martin ! – msshalinda

“@essencemag: #zimmermanverdict”just trying to figure out what to tell my son! — _lleighh

@essencemag I feel heartbroken. I have a black daughter, she too wears hoodies – now what. I’m not in Florida, but does it stop there? — Sxymoka1

@essencemag I have a 6 yr old son. What do I do now? #horrified – Ishtastic_3

My two Haitian American children are shaking their heads in disbelief! 7yrs old 11yrs old hugged up in bed w/me asking “But How? @essencemag – MiaLopezHTC

@essencemag probably won’t want a son, fearful of what could go wrong even if raised properly. – NYCMommyof3

@essencemag as a mother of an only son, and principal at a high school, heart is heavy. Mind is working overtime–how to protect our boys – 426Peachy

@essencemag my sons will be ok. I didn’t believe in guns but my boys will learn to defend themselves as will I. Try us if you dare. – writtenbyinc

@essencemag None of our black kids are protected!! We are living in the very last days…I just pray for the family!! – Jrenea03

@essencemag That it’s ok in Florida to kill black kids! I live in SFLA! Scared for my BLACK son! – DeAndrea37

@essencemag Watch your children, they are under attack, hold them & let them know they are loved! #justicefortrayvon – MsJackSun

@essencemag it’s sad that if you kill a animal you get more time than for killing a black teenager. – ladyshiflet

@essencemag My son walks thru nbhood coming home from work each night. I feel he is less safe. #zimmermanverdict – szking

@essencemag Trusting in God to guide me how to raise my son to be wise bc the justice system will kill him – Substance111

@essencemag I’m 22, not even thinking abt having kids any time soon… but the first thing I did, was pray for my future sons. – GeeDotMichelle

@essencemag I am so numb right now..called my son who is 20 to check on him and tell him I love him. #zimmermanverdict – Brite_Diamond45

@essencemag I’m looking at my 2 year old son and praying for him like I’ve never prayed before. #ZimmermanVerdict – FashionandFaith

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