Go ahead and get your penny loafers out of storage. The ultra-preppy shoes are back on the scene. 

 The retro trend is turning up in all shapes and sizes. Wear a classic black or brown shoe, or a bold hue in patent leather or a high-heeled loafer.

 The nearly 80-year-old shoe never really goes away, just in and out of style. This is the first we’ve seen of the loafers in years. It’s an ironic season, since extreme stilettos and Dr. Martens are also in fashion.

 But preppy style always has its followers. Take the last few years of pastel polos and popped collars. We wouldn’t exactly call it trendy, but those who partake wear classics with pride.

 Here are a few of our favorite loafers. These classics are always comfortable and perfect for strolling into fall.

Report Sheila, $70 at zappos.com

Women’s Merona Maddison Loafers, $24 at target.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Leather Driving Loafer, $245 at eluxury.com