#GaysBreakTheInternet Trends Following Orlando Shooting
Eric Thayer/Getty Images
Following the tragic shooting at Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse, #GaysBreakTheInternet began trending as an act of solidarity and defiance in the face of hate. The hashtag quickly gained momentum as the LGBTQ community shared photos, selfies, and heartfelt wishes of condolence for those in Orlando. 50 Dead After Florida Nightclub Shooting Massacre Becomes Deadliest In History The shooting comes at a time when transgender bathroom legislation is still being hotly debated in states like North Carolina and FDA guidelines still make it difficult for gay men to donate blood, adding more fear and homophobia to a climate that allows senseless acts of violence like the Orlando shooting to occur. The massacre at Pulse is just one more reminder that hate still exists and more needs to be done to fight it. As Pride month continues, we hope to see more photos of love and support as #GaysBreakTheInternet and continue to prove that love will always win.
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