Here’s everything you may have missed this weekend:

Gabrielle Union says, “the day of reckoning is upon us” following Bill Cosby’s guilty verdict. The actress told the Associated Press that she hopes this decision will lead to a domino effect. “I think it’s just the tip of the iceberg, and I think the day of reckoning is upon us, and there’s a lot of people who should be very, very worried about their freedom because justice is coming for you.” (Twitter)

U.S. immigration officials have told a group of Central Americans who journeyed to the U.S. border in a caravan that the crossing is already at capacity. Nearly 200 migrants, many with children and fleeing violence in their home countries, traveled here to seek asylum. (NY Daily News)

Bill Cosby’s publicists appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the comedian’s trial, which they called a “public lynching,” comparing Cosby to Emmett Till.  Ebonee Benson told host George Stephanopolous, “May I ask you a question? Since when are all women honest? We can take a look at Emmett Till, for example. Not all people are honest.” (

A new study shows that Black girls receive heavier penalties over dress codes than their peers. It’s known that Black girls are disciplined more harshly than their white peers, but the study shows that it could be linked to school uniform policies. The National Women’s Law Center studied school dress codes in Washington D.C. and found that Black girls are unnecessarily and predominantly punished under uniform rules. Black girls were found to be in violation of dress codes because they were “unladylike,” “inappropriate,” or “distracting to the boys around them.” (The Root)

After meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has pledged to shift the country’s timezone 30 minutes earlier to align with South Korea’s. The move is a step toward the two countries coming closer together. South Korea has also promised to remove loudspeakers that have blared anti-North propaganda. (The Daily Beast)

Taraji P. Henson and Angela Bassett had the perfect “no comment” moment when asked about Kanye West’s recent MAGA antics. The Associated Press caught the moment on tape and, honestly, you have to see it. (Twitter)

A Virginia newspaper, the Westmoreland News, recently ran a full KKK flyer on their front page complete with a list of things the “Negro” should apologize for and a phone number to the KKK hotline. Residents have called for a boycott of the paper. Westmoreland News attempted to distance themselves from the hate group by including a disclaimer with editor Brittlynn Powell later explaining that the flyer was placed in the paper to show people that racism still exists. (Newsweek

A woman shattered a Popeyes window after she realized her meal didn’t come with a drink. An unidentified employee says the woman was drunk and became angry when her meal did not come with a soda. (NBC 4)

Two Milwaukee police will not be charged after tasing a mentally ill Black man to death. Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm chose not to press charges against police officers Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz, who brutally beat and tased Adam Trammell to death after responding to a call at an apartment known to house people with psychiatric disabilities. Trammell reportedly did not threaten anyone or brandish a weapon. (The Root)

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