Actress Gabrielle Union is everything Fierce and Fabulous, but not so fab that she won’t admit to needing a little help emotionally once in a while. When the 38-year-old bombshell (yes, she’s that gorgeous in person) attended ESSENCE Magazine’s Fierce and Fabulous luncheon, she told us how therapy has helped her get out of her own way and work through her fear of failure. What makes you fierce and fabulous? GABRIELLE UNION: The fact that I don’t care. I literally don’t try to be a slave to any trend or anyone’s opinion. I truly just don’t care. I follow my own beat to my own drum and usually it works out. Have you always been like that? UNION: No, around the time I got divorced I stopped living in fear. I decided to step out on faith and keep it moving, If you like me, you like me. If you don’t, I don’t care. Sometimes I’m on the “Great Dressed List,” and sometimes I’m on “When Bad Clothes Happen to Good People.” How have you learned to mute all the negativity out? UNION: A lot of therapy. Ron Artest and I sing the praises of therapy. Sometimes you get in your own way and your fear of failure; your fear of your childhood hurts comes back to influence your decisions. All that gets in the way of progress and your own beauty and your own accomplishments and capabilities. And once you get to [asking] ‘why are you so fearful?’ and you can acknowledge it, deal with it and then let it go. You’re free to be fierce and fabulous. Really? To the rest of us Gabrielle Union seems fearless, and so accomplished… UNION: Oh my goodness, I’m terrified of failure, terrified of judgment. Which makes us love you more, Gabby!

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