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Gabrielle Union: 'After Divorce I Learned 1,001 Lessons'

The February ESSENCE cover girl reveals what it was like to film Think Like a Man.
In a culture where celebrity marriages come and go like emails, Gabrielle Union says she learned “1,001” lessons after divorce, reports People.

The Think Like a Man (April 20) star says she learned quite a bit after her marriage ended. “I think after divorce I’ve learned 1,001 lessons,” she says. “You just have to be very clear about what you want and what you need. More than anything, my rule is to be incredibly honest.”

The ESSENCE cover girl said filming Think Like a Man was enjoyable because she knew the cast very well, including good friend Regina Hall. “When you have intimate knowledge of people, especially the awful relationship stuff, it tends to lend itself to humor. Regina Hall and I have been friends for a long time. She was around for my marriage folly, which is the nicest way I can describe some of my marriage [to ex-NFL player Chris Howard]. She’s got a lot to joke about with me.”

The actress says it was great to have her boyfriend, Dwyane Wade around during filming. She called him opinionated, but admits it felt nice to have him in her corner, saying it was “the first time he was carrying the bag, driving the car and being the cheerleader on the sidelines, so it was nice.”