Gabourey Sidibe’s mom, Alice Tan Ridley, took to “Inside Edition” to respond to Howard Stern and Robin Quivers’ comments about her daughter’s weight. “Get a life,” Tan Ridley said. “…We all can see that Gabby is a big girl, she’s a big woman. So, what’s wrong with that? She’s not like every body else in the world.” Following the Oscars, on his satellite radio show, Stern called Gabourey, “the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen.” Stern and Quivers both stated that Gabby had little to no chance of getting any roles in Hollywood due to her weight.   The next day, the shock jock went back on the air to defend his comments, “I did enjoy her performance. I have nothing against her, but the fact is that, I’m just trying to say, she’s enormous. The girl’s got tremendous problems and she, she, she needs help, that’s all.” Gabby’s mom is not the only one in her corner. “Before you just dismiss her because of her size, take a look at her talent…” Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View.” “She’s a wonderful actress and that’s all y’all need to know!” Still, it’s nice to know that no matter how famous you get, Mom Dukes has your back. “They didn’t make you and don’t let them break you,” Alice said. Read More: