You say you’ve been a good girl all year, huh? Giving up your seat on the bus to the elderly and always saying please, thank you and excuse me. But don’t forget, he sees you in the bedroom too and we think there are a few things that you might have done this year to put you on the naughty list. But if being naughty is this much fun, we don’t want to be nice. If you need to jog your memory, check out our list of antics that may have caused Santa to put your name in his frisky file.

1. Kissed someone you just met
In terms of STIs kissing is the least harmless form of naughty behavior, and the pay-offs–ego boost, stress and anxiety relief, endorphin boost–are big. So that extra long smooching session with an almost stranger may have been naughty, but we bet it felt so good.

2. Sent Your Boyfriend Dirty Text Messages a.k.a. “Sexting”
In the year that “sexting” made national news, from teenage lust to Tiger Woods, we’re sure you sent more than sweet nothings to your guy’s cell phone. Bonus if you made him hot and bothered at work.

3. Took Nude Photos for Your Man
In an interview, Rihanna said, “If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures of yourself, I feel sorry for him.” The naughty girl in all of us wants to agree with her. Just make sure he’s worth it, you don’t want those pics ending up on the net, which is exactly what happened to RiRi.

4. Got It On At Work

We have all fantasized about getting frisky in an office or in the storage closet. Kudos to you if you did it! Be glad you didn’t get caught.

5. Went on a Date Without Underwear
A pair of thigh highs sans panties is probably one of the hottest sights your man could ever see. Even if you kept your bare bottom your little secret, you felt extra sexy going commando.

6. Went Skinny Dipping
Something about water makes us feel super sexy. So you took it all off and took a dip with your dude. We won’t ask what else happened.

7. Got Frisky at a Restaurant
Food and sex have been connected since the dawn of time. No wonder that mole at the Mexican restaurant made you want to get spicy with your sweetheart.

8. Had Sex That Woke the Neighbors
Sometimes you just have to shout it out, but we bet you felt a little embarrassed by the looks you got from your next door neighbor the very next day. Oops!

9. Brought Props into the Bedroom
Good for you, naughty girl! Props are an essential part of any healthy sexual relationship. So whether it was handcuffs or a new vibe, keep on keeping things interesting.

10. Made a Video Tape
Granted the sex tape madness of this decade–from R-Kelly to Kim Kardashian and Ray J–has probably made us all a little hesitant to press record, but you threw caution to the wind and filmed your friskiness. Just don’t let it get in the wrong hands.

Merry Christmas, naughty girls!

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