Antoine Fuqua’s latest crime film opens today and those who’ve come to love the director for his gritty depictions, will not be disappointed. A violent movie, it’s been noted that it’s not a chick flick. But whether you’re a lady who loves gore and grime or you’re a squeamish kind of sister, you can find a few reasons to get into it–namely actors like Nicoye Banks (pictured), Wesley Snipes, Don Cheadle, Jesse Williams, and more. It’s exciting to see so many fine brothers on the big screen at once. Even a girly-girl might want to endure the blood and guts and drift off into fantasies of some close-up time with the predominantly Black male cast. To assist, we’ve explored the zodiac signs of the men of “Brooklyn’s Finest” to find out what they might be like when its time to call “Action!” between the sheets. Find out who you match with… Read More: