Fragrances This Summer Will Take You Back To Seventh Grade
Brian Hagiwara/GETTY

Remember those days in middle school and high school when weekends were spent shopping with your girlfriends for the newest Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret fragrance? My girlfriends and I alternated between Cucmber Melon and Warm Vanilla Sugar, because obviously smelling like a sugar factory was all the rage. Eventually, I—and the rest of the fragrance industry— outgrew the whole scents tied to food craze (aka gourmand fragrance) and opted for more muted minimalist floral eau’s like Lancôme Miracle So Magic and Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue. Well, sugary sweet gourmand scents are back with a grown up twist and our inner 15 year old is super excited about it.

I wasn’t the only one who tired of indulgent scents, the fragrance industry overall began to scale back on rich, intensely sweet gourmand fragrances in favor of unisex fragrances cocktailed with woody and floral notes. 

Fragrance houses and personal cleansing companies are once again tapping into those deliciously fruity scent archives and launching products with scents rich in amber, peach and vanilla notes. Body washes and shampoos are also hopping on the gourmand train as spring launches like Herbal Essences White Strawberry and Mint Naked Shampoo and Conditioner duo and Olay Champagne Mango Fresh Outlast Body Wash make their market debut.

While this new wave of fragrance is an oldie with a facelift, the trend may not be as extreme as it was in the 90s. This new generation gourmand comes with a sophistacated twist—expectantly sweet, but anchored by herbal notes like mint or basil. Here are a few new delicious gourmands that you’re certain to want to try this summer. 

Tangy and Sweet Prada Candy Kiss ($88, at

Nutty and Warm Thierry Mugler Angel Muse ($70, at

Soft and Green Jo Malone Wild Strawberry and Parsely ($70, at

Sultry and Sugary YSL Black Opium($90, at

Whichever scent personality you choose, this summer your go-to scent will be reminiscent of your teenage years with a grown up twist as fruity and warm notes become a staple cocktailed with herbaceous greens.