Well, this has got to be the quickest turn around in history. Sean Hannity went against his own words after he decided to appear on stage next to President Donald Trump while at a rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. On Monday morning, the talk show host insisted that he was not going to appear on stage, tweeting out that he was just there to do a live show. Some 12 hours later, Trump called Hannity up on to the stage, and he came right up, with zero hesitation, and the had the audacity to call reporters “fake news.” Yes. You heard that right. Someone who literally tweeted out what turned out to be a lie, is calling other people “fake.” “By the way, all of those people in the back are fake news,” Hannity said as soon as he got on stage as the crowd cheered and Trump grinned, laughing. Some of the “people in the back” were also Fox News journalists, according to CNN. Hannity claimed during during his little speech that he didn’t know the president was going to invite him on the stage. “The one thing that has made and defined your presidency more than anything else: promises made, promises kept,” Hannity said, quoting some “highlights” from the Trump presidency about jobs and the number of Americans out of poverty. “Mr. President, Thank you.” Can you imagine the response from Fox News hosts and commentators if, for example, Don Lemon appeared onstage at an Andrew Gillum rally, or a Stacey Abrams rally? He also wasn’t the only Fox News show host that made an appearance at the rally. Trump also introduced Jeanine Pirro, introducnig her as someone who “treats us very well,” whatever that means, and calling her opening monologues “always brilliant.” The dynamic duo apparently spent the night broadcasting from the rally, and then Hannity spoke with Trump backstage, while Bill Shine gave him a high five, according to the report. Let’s just say journalists (and everyone else) weren’t very impressed by Hannity’s behavior or presence on stage. Ah well, we wait to see what happens next. Fox News currently had no immediate comment following the rally, however when Hannity appeared in a 2016 Trump ad they did insist that the network “had no knowledge” that he was a part of the ad, and said that he would “not be doing anything along these lines for the remainder of the election.” Whether or not Fox will offer another rebuke or if they think campaign ads are different from rallies is yet to be seen.