Former Ohio Judge Suspect In Wife’s Murder
Photo of Aisha Fraser Mason courtesy of Shaker Heights Schools
A former Ohio judge is facing possible homicide charges in the death of his 45 year-old estranged wife who, according to reports, he fatally stabbed. Lance Mason, an ex-Cuyahoga County judge was taken into police custody over the weekend in relation to the crime. A 9-1-1 call placed on Saturday by Mason’s sister, alerted authorities of the fatal stabbing of Aisha Fraser Mason in her Shaker Heights home. Her children were nearby. As police arrived, Mason tried to flee the crime scene, running into a police cruiser on his way out. He then ran back into the house where he was apprehended. Adam Flynt, a responding officer was hit during the attempted getaway. Both he and Mason were taken to a local hospital to address their injuries. For his part in Saturday’s events, NPR reports that Mason has been charged with felonious assault against the police officer. He has yet to be charged in the killing of his wife. A prior domestic abuse case from 2014 shows that Lance Mason, 51, had a history of violence against Fraser Mason, a sixth grade teacher who he shared two children with. At that time, Fraser Mason was forced to undergo reconstructive surgery for her injuries, according to Mason was sentenced to two years in prison in that domestic abuse case. He was released after nine months and a written apology to his estranged wife who filed for divorce after the 2014 domestic abuse occurrence. Although Mason lost his ability to sit on the bench, he was hired as a minority business development director, a job he was fired from after Saturday’s fatal stabbing. The teacher’s association in Shaker Heights has organized a GoFundMe to help support Fraser’s two children.

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