Sunday worship at Brown Missionary Baptist Church got a lot more interesting over the weekend after Rev. Bartholomew Orr made a high-flying entrance during his sermon. Pastor Orr dazzled parishioners at the Southaven, Mississippi church by literally flying into the sanctuary with the help of crane to deliver the message that Jesus’ return will be unexpected. “Are you ready for His return?” Pastor Orr asked churchgoers as he floated toward the pulpit, eliciting laughs as he navigated to the ground. While some worshipers were watching Pastor Orr in awe, a few others whipped out their phones to capture the moment, which was also broadcast on Brown’s YouTube channel. When the videos made it to social media, however, folks had a lot to say. “If your pastor doesn’t come into church like this, then don’t invite me,” Twitter user @AdvBarryRoux wrote. While another, @Shellz_GotCheez, asked, “This what y’all pay tithes for?” Across the board, the reactions to Pastor Orr’s entrance were decidedly mixed. After clips of his entrance went viral, Pastor Orr issued a response on YouTube explaining why he used such an unorthodox way to kick off his sermon. “Even though all of the talk about my sermon hasn’t been complementary, I’m thankful that the word of God is being discussed in homes, cars, [and] on social media,” he said. During his follow-up Pastor Orr also cleared up the idea that he used the church’s money to pull off the stunt. According to the reverend, the device was actually built years ago for the church’s annual Christmas production and was paid for by sponsors. While many are still torn about his methods, Pastor Orr reiterated the purpose of his sermon in his explanation video. “There is a bigger picture, and that is Christ is returning soon,” he said. “And just as Christ’s return is going to be unexpected, my flying in this morning was unexpected. But we must be ready.”