In 2018, there have been 20 transgender deaths across the country, and the latest involves Londonn Moore, 20-year-old black transgender woman living in North Port, FL. Last Saturday, Moore was found shot to death and police aren’t ruling out the possibility of Moore’s murder being a hate crime. “When it comes to murder, murder is murder,” said Joshua Taylor from the North Port Police Department. “Whether it’s a hate crime or not, you’re going to pay that price.”
“We have no information at this point that it was a hate crime” Taylor said. “However, it’s on the table, certainly it could come out that way. Part of figuring out why it was done includes talking to who did it. We have to get to that point.”
Posted by Londonn Moore on Saturday, January 14, 2017
“This would mark the 21st person in the nation since the start of the year that a transgender person has been murdered,” said Hal Trejo, from All Rainbow and Alllied Youth Inc., told NBC2. “It’s the fifth person in Florida alone this year, so we see its a huge crisis and needs to be addressed and talked about.” No arrests have been made in Moore’s killing as of yet.